Kohan's writings and ramblings

About the author

Cohen Atkins

 I received my degree in Anthropology and was inducted into the Religious Studies National Honors Society at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. I studies a number of topics, but my favorite included: Ancient Religion, Native American and early South American Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, Hebrew, Early Christian Period texts, various versions and iterations of Buddhism, Daoism, Hinduism and other practices from around the world. I wrote papers on subjects such as identity formation and mythical narratives, archaeological findings, religious practices, philosophical theory, consciousness, and various anthropological subjects. I was accepted to the masters program and my studies focused on creating a coherent understanding of consciousness, altered states, and religious experiences. 

This space is intended to continue the exploration of those ideas outside of academic restrictions. All of my writings and ramblings will be rooted in some kind of academic work, and those sources will be cited or made available when necessary. Enjoy each of these as a unique thought experience where some of the biggest mysteries of space and time will not be answered only with blind science, but also our need for a leap in our imagination in order to see the bigger picture - pushing the boundaries of what might actually be, in a world where really we know very little.