Cutting edge Isup Technology

Why we choose ISUP technology

Kohan SUP utilizes the most cutting edge inflatable stand up paddleboard technology from Badfish SUP. Over the years the ‘ISUP’ technology has dramatically improved, ushering a new era of paddleboards. Our lessons, rentals, and tours use these new technologies and aims itself at educating the public of the great benefits of ISUPs technology.

Some of the benefits of Inflatable SUPs include:

- No longer do you need a roof rack. The inflatable technology allows you to take a paddleboard places you never thought would be possible. Want to rent a board and take it to the beach? Our boards can be rolled into a backpack, stashed in the trunk or back seat, and inflated when you have reached your destination. Great for small spaces, storage, and use. You can even fly with them!

- No more dings. Inflatable paddleboards are very rugged and can take a beating. You no longer have to worry about the board hitting a rock, sticks, or the ground when paddling or transporting you SUP. These boards are made out of extremely durable PVC, the same stuff whitewater rafts are made from. It can take both impact and abrasive damage to a reasonable extent.

- High performance rigidity. With the introduction of the Parabolic Reinforced Rail system from Badfish SUP, these inflatable boards and now more responsive and ridged than ever before. This increases their performance and ease of use. 

- A soft landing. These boards will not feel like jumping on a bed when you fall but they do provide a softer place to land if you are to fall on the board when paddling. It also allows the board to bounce against stuff and not get damaged like a fiberglass board would. Great for kids and vacation lake houses. 

Interested in buying a board? Give us a call at 704.965.1820 or email us at

Interested in buying a board? Give us a call at 704.965.1820 or email us at