Cohen Atkins

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  My name is Cohen Atkins and I love stand up paddleboarding. 5 years ago I was first introduced to the sport and ever since I have been hooked. I have spent three years earning certifications through the American Canoe Association to teach various types and levels of stand up paddleboarding. The American Canoe Association is the oldest certification program branching into all different areas of paddle sports. I have earned certifications to teach introduction to sup classes all the way up to the most advanced whitewater sup techniques and mechanics.

 I spend each year traveling and competing in whitewater sup competitions and challenges. I have paddled water conditions that vary from large volume class 3 rapids of the mighty Colorado river to smooth, quite, and reflective waters of lake Davidson. My goals are your goals. I have the tools and knowledge to teach you how to make it across a calm lake, to the skills and techniques necessary to make it down down whitewater rapids. My mission is to provide skills and knowledge I have the privileged to learn in order to see the sport grow and create a knowledgeable community that can teach each other - Teaching people how to teach people. 

I have been in the industry teaching lesson for about 4 years and I believe I have developed a seamless and adaptive way to teach people how to stand up paddle. One thing that I do that make my lessons unique is to include a written curriculum and the creation of personal paddle goals. I can build any kind of lesson structure you require to accomplish your unique paddling goals. I am here not just as your paddling instructor but my main focus is to become your paddling coach. In doing this I can work with you year after year to improve your paddling techniques. Above you will find the basic structure of each type of lesson, Each lesson plan can be adapted to meet your individual paddle goals. Follow the links Above to find the lesson plans for the classes I provide.


ACA L1 - L2 Certification

ACA L3-L4 Certification

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