About Kohan (Cohen Atkins)

A Mission To Teach

 I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Charlotte, NC and the outdoors have always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I played a plethora of sports growing up, but these days I have taken a great deal of interest in Stand Up Paddleboarding and its intimidating cousin, whitewater sup. It is both a challenging and rewarding activity that demands both physical and mental discipline. Living in Charlotte, the US National Whitewater Center is my go to paddling spot and couldn't be more ideal for learning and training. It is one of my goals to bring this sport to as many people as possible by sharing as much as I can. Through KohanSUP I hope to reach a wide audience of people who want to learn more about the sport or just love sharing the stoke.

 I love stand up paddleboarding. 5 years ago I was first introduced to the sport and ever since I have been hooked. I have spent three years earning certifications through the American Canoe Association to teach various types and levels of stand up paddleboarding. The American Canoe Association is the oldest certification program branching into all different areas of paddle sports. I have earned certifications to teach introduction to sup classes all the way up to the most advanced whitewater sup techniques and mechanics.

I spend each year traveling and competing in whitewater sup competitions and challenges. I have paddled water conditions that vary from large volume class 3 rapids of the mighty Colorado river to smooth, quite, and reflective waters of lake Davidson. My goals are your goals. I have the tools and knowledge to teach you how to make it across a calm lake, to the skills and techniques necessary to make it down down whitewater rapids. My mission is to provide skills and knowledge I have the privileged to learn in order to see the sport grow and create a knowledgeable community that can teach each other - teaching people how to teach people. 

I have been in the industry teaching lesson for about 4 years and I believe I have developed a seamless and adaptive way to teach people how to stand up paddle. One thing that I do that make my lessons unique is to include a written curriculum and the creation of personal paddle goals. I can build any kind of lesson structure you require to accomplish your unique paddling goals. I am here not just as your paddling instructor but my main focus is to become your paddling coach. In doing this I can work with you year after year to improve your paddling techniques. My goals are your goals. 

The biggest goal I have or measure of success for this company is one that reflects an impact on the world in a positive way. I want KohanSUP to be something that helps enrich and motivate peoples lives, especially the youth. Paddling has been a huge impact for me. You could say it changed my life. So if it did for me, I wonder how many other people could be touched by it. This project hopes to bring the joy of stand up paddling far and wide in the world. It would make me so happy to see more people out inside nature and experiencing the power it holds. 

Want to keep up with me? Use the resources below to see where my next adventure will take me:

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Why US?

Kohan SUP

Kohan SUP provides a unique way to rent paddleboards and an unparalleled approach to classes and lessons. The companies owner has spent almost 5 years in the industry exploring all of its aspects. The experience that is provided by Kohan SUP is one of a kind that comes from years of experience paddleboarding:


  • Complementary pick up and drop off of your stand up paddleboard rental.
  • The freedom to explore local waterways.
  • Make the most of every bit of sunlight on the weekends. 
  • The ability to rent equipment for extended time allows the customer to customize their own rental experience. 


  • Fully certified ACA Stand Up Paddle Board Instructor.
  • 5+ years paddling and learning to teach Stand Up Paddleboarding.
  • Ability to customize your own unique lesson plan.
  • All equipment included in rental price.
  • Board purchasing opportunities.


  • Complete and unparalleled customer service
  • Honesty and Integrity 
  • Doing something bigger than us
  • Industry leading equipment and knowledge
  • Life coaching and youth development.


- Kohan SUP utilizes the most cutting edge inflatable stand up paddleboard technology from Badfish SUP. Over the years the ‘ISUP’ technology has dramatically improved, ushering a new era of paddleboards. Our lessons, rentals, and tours use these new technologies and aims itself at educating the public of the great benefits of ISUPs technology.

Some of the benefits of Inflatable SUPs:

- No longer do you need a roof rack. The inflatable technology allows you to take a paddleboard places you never thought would be possible. Want to rent a board and take it to the beach? Our boards can be rolled into a backpack, stashed in the trunk or back seat, and inflated when you have reached your destination.  Great for small spaces, storage, and use. You can even fly with them!

- No more dings. Inflatable paddleboards are very rugged and can take a beating. You no longer have to worry about the board hitting a rock, stick, or ground when paddling or transporting you SUP. Made out of extremely durable PVC, the same stuff whitewater rafts are made from, it can take both impact and abrasive damage to a reasonable extent.

- Hard as a rock. With the introduction of the Parabolic Reinforced Rail system from Badfish SUP, these inflatable boards and now more responsive and ridged than ever before. This increases their performance and ease of use. 

- A soft landing. These boards will not feel like jumping on a bed when you fall but they do provide a softer place to land if you are to fall on the board when paddling. It also allows the board to bounce against stuff and not get damaged like a fiberglass board would. Great for kids and vacation lake houses.